MessageSync® Portal

Online Directory

User-friendly, quick and efficient. Locate any contact by name, office phone, cell phone, email, department, cost center, job functions, group contacts or fax number and send the message instantaneously. Accessible from any web-ready device.

Complete Audit Trial

All messages are logged – crucial for today’s compliance standards. Includes sender, recipient, device and acknowledgement if available per device.


Efficiently deliver messages to individuals and or groups by sending messages to pagers, cell phones, smartphones, email and other messaging devices.

Complete Security

Utilizes 128 bit SSL encryption to keep your information secure. Permission levels based on authenticated user login. MessageSync® Portal records all application changes to contacts, scheduling and forwarding.

Streamline Communication

Canned message templates streamline communication of regularly dispatched information.

Scheduled Delivery

Create schedules for activating / deactivating devices, participation in or out of group messages or forwarding of messages to other users. View scheduled and processed events.


Import your organization’s logo and color theme into the portal.