MessageSync® Mobile

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  • Highly Secure SSL 128 bit encryption
  • Complete message audit trail for regulatory compliance. Includes when message was sent, read, and any response.
  • Keep your mobile number private.
  • Global coverage using cellular or Wi-Fi networks.
  • Rapid message delivery.
  • Distinct customizable notification ensures critical messages are noticed.
  • Messages are displayed within the app; Separating important critical messages from email and SMS text messages.
  • Compose and send a message from their handheld device to any contact in the phone’s directory with a pager number.
  • Messages can include canned responses allowing users to reply quickly and easily.
  • Keep Your Pager Number*

*Applies to existing paging customers using IPN’s network or for existing customers on one of IPN’s partners’ networks. If you do not have an existing pager number with IPN or an IPN partner, one can be issued to you.